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We are a group of young Mencap Volunteers.  We are from Blackpool and Devon.

We are age from 14 – 21years old.  You can find out about our experiences of taking part in Wecan2 here.

  • I am Ryan and I am from Blackpool.
  • I go to Park School and I volunteer for Mencap.
  • I attend Blackpool Young People’s Council (BYPC) and Youth Opportunity Panel (YOP)
  • For Wecan2 I looked at what I didn’t like in the meetings I went to.
  • I did this because I want to change stuff in Blackpool. I was voted by my school friends on to the school council.
  • I have learned better research skills, how to change things for people with a learning disability and how to talk to and meet new people.
  • I have gained my bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and made lots of new friends.
  • I have gained interviewing skills too.
  • I have enjoyed visiting the different places we have been to with Wecan2.
  • My favourite example of taking part was being involved in the Actions Speak Louder judging panel for the National Youth Opportunity Fund awards.
  • I am Allan, I am from Blackpool and I go to Park School.
  • I volunteer for Mencap. I also co-chair the Youth Opportunity Panel (YOP) in Blackpool and go to the Blackpool Young People’s Council. I got to do these things by taking part in the Wecan2 project.
  • I did Wecan2 because I wanted to change what people think of people with a learning disability and to make a difference in Blackpool.
  • I got voted as vice representative on the school council.
  • I have made new friends through the work I have done with Wecan2. I have gained confidence and improved my talking skills.
  • I have learned to speak up in front of big groups and I have learned interviewing skills too!
  • My favourite part of taking part in Wecan2 was going on residential breaks to meet new people and learn things
  • I am Lizzie and I live in Blackpool.
  • I go to Park School and am a young Mencap volunteer.
  • I attended Blackpool Young People’s Council (BYPC) and the Anti-bullying sub group.
  • I did this because I want parks and places in Blackpool to be safe for young people.
  • I have learned better research skills and how to find things out, like how many big words people use.
  • I really enjoyed going away on residential breaks and meeting the other young people from Exeter.

  • I am Alice. I am from Devon and I go to Exeter College.
  • I volunteer for Mencap and I do research.
  • For Wecan2 I did training and interviewed support staff. I go to meetings and workshops with young people. I did a report on the UK youth parliament elections.
  • I did all this to make this website and make things better for young people.
  • I have learned how to do research, how to work with other people, how to use a camera and have learned new skills.
  • Because of this I am more confident; I used to be really nervous. I can do more things than I thought I could.
  • It has been really go to do this project and go to new places and meet new people.
  • This is my favourite example of me taking part.
  • This is the national assembly of the UK youth parliament in Glasgow.
youth parilament - glasgow
  • I am Josh. I am from Devon. I go to college and I have a job too. I also volunteer for Mencap.
  • For Wecan2 I have been to Teignbridge youth bank, Teignbridge youth council and the youth advisory group.
  • I did all of this because I got voted in to be part of this project. It looked like it would be fun and was something else to do.
  • I have got more confident at more things because of this project. I have travelled to different places like Birmingham, London and Kidderminster.
  • I have learned what is around for young people and how much money is available. I have also learned how to research things properly too.
  • It has been really good – we got to travel about and see new things. I got to see the council chamber and take part in the youth council. I made some important decisions too.
  • This is my favourite example of me taking part. I am taking part in the Teignbridge youth council.
Taking part in the Teignbridge Youth Council
  • I am Ross. I go to college. For Wecan 2 I have been going to the Young People’s Scrutiny Forum meetings at County Hall.
  • I also helped out at Kongomana – this is a festival for young people in Devon.
  • I did all the things for Wecan2 because I like helping people and I like to do projects.
  • I have gained in confidence, I have learned how meetings are run and I have been working with lots of different young people.
  • I have never had experiences like this before. It’s been amazing, I’ve had fun, learned new things and made new friends.
  • I think Wecan2 is really important so that people with a learning disability can be included in different events and meetings.
  • This is my favourite example of me taking part in Kongomana.


Wecan2... have a say, take part and be heard!

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