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As part of Wecan2, we took part in different things and learned new skills.

I went to find out about how UK Youth Parliament elections worked in Devon.  I then thought it would be a good idea to find out how the rest of the UK Parliament worked and how it would be for me to take part in. You can find out more about what I did in the section about the UK Youth Parliament.”

 Alice with picture


“I went to Blackpool Young People’s Council every month and took part in the anti bullying subgroup. We helped organise a conference. I also joined the Blackpool Youth Opportunity Fund Panel (YOP) and go every 2 weeks.

I took part in delivering training about how to make meetings easier for young people with a learning disability easier to young people at Youthbank UK, Bolton Young People’s Council and also to staff at the UK Youth Parliament national sitting.

I helped organise an anti-bullying conference in Blackpool. I also took part in the Actions Speak Louder judging panel organised by the NYA, where we chose which projects in 2007 made the best use of the Youth Opportunity Funds.

In Blackpool we got nominated for a community award.”

 Blackpool Awards Ceremony


I joined the Blackpool Young People’s Council and the anti-bullying subgroup.

I also went to the Youth Opportunity Panel and was elected co-chair of the deciding who gets the Youth Opportunity Fund. I am also on the V20 youth board advising v as a volunteer for Mencap, on working with young volunteers.

I have been trained by Blackpool to recruit council staff and recruited the manager of the Blackpool v project. I also took part in a youth takeover day and shadowed the assistant director of social services for the day.

“And I have stood for election for the UK Youth Parliament twice. I have not got in yet but will keep trying.”

Allan and Friend at Desk


I took part in the Devon Young People’s Scrutiny Forum and went to Kongomana – a young people’s festival. I also made suggestions to make the youth website more accessible and applied to the Youth Opportunity Fund for the money to do this.”

 Reportat computer


I went to Teignbridge Youth Council and Teignbridge Youthbank.”


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